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  • Effective Date: 29/12/2000
Number: 19/2000/NQ-CP
Independence - Freedom - Happiness
Ha Noi , December 29, 2000

RESOLUTION No. 19/2000/NQ-CP of December 29, 2000 on the Government�s December regular meeting

On December 27, 2000, the Government held its December regular meeting, discussing and resolving the following problems:

- It heard the report on the Government�s direction and administration in 2000 and the 2001 working program, presented by the Minister-Director of the Government Office.

The Government�s 2001 working program focuses on 8 major tasks: to boost economic development at high rate and in a sustainable manner; to raise quality of social activities; to continue expanding external economic activities and actively integrate into international community; to efficiently implement policies toward ethnic minority and mountainous people; to ensure national security and defense as well as social order and safety; to accelerate administrative reform, improve the State apparatus� efficiency and combat bureaucracy and corruption; to raise the efficiency in the operation of juridical bodies; and to step up the settlement of citizens� complaints and denunciations.

- It heard the report on the Government�s 2001 administrative reform, presented by the Minister-Chairman of the Government Commission for Organization and Personnel, who is also Standing Member of the Government Steering Committee for Administrative Reform. The Government passed the report on the 2001 administrative reform, affirming its determination to step up and renew the work of building institutions, especially economic institutions, thus creating conditions for bringing into full play all resources for fast and sustainable economic development; quickly adjusting functions, tasks and competence of State administrative agencies, overcoming overlappings and irrationalities; accelerate responsibility division with a clear inspection and supervision regime; actively participating in amending the 1992 Constitution, the Law on Organization of the Government, the Law on Organization of the People�s Councils and People�s Committees; enhancing administrative disciplines and continuing with the working style improvement.

- It heard the report on the implementation of set plans in December, the whole year 2000 and a number of major solutions set for the first quarter of 2001, presented by the Minister of Planning and Investment. The major solutions need to be implemented in the first quarter of 2001 are: quickly assigning plans to units and localities; continuing to concentrate efforts on overcoming flood consequences, stabilizing production and life in the Mekong River delta region; quickly implementing infrastructure development investment plans, renewing the allocation of investment capital; boosting industrial production and import/export activities.- (Summary)



Phan Van Khai

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